The Department of Mathematics of Institute of Engineering & Technology started along with the establishment of the college in the year 1998 and has senior and experienced faculty together with young, dynamic faculty member.

This department provides a strong foundation of mathematical basics which are building blocks of all subject of engineering field. The syllabus of the subject mathematics was prepared according to the requirements of engineering subjects. We also teach very essential subject of Post-graduate classes which are helpful for  master degree students. We also teach some special subjects like Numerical Methods with Computer Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory and Optimization Tech. etc. A good number of students are opting for mathematical subject as their elective in higher semesters. 



To contribute to the Nation through quality education in mathematics and to be a centre of excellence.


  • The mission of mathematics department is to provide the best environment where students can learn and became competent users of Mathematics and Mathematical Application.
  • Moreover the department will contribute to the development of students as the mathematical thinkers, enabling them to become lifelong learners, to contribute to grow in their chosen professions and to function as productive citizen.

Programme Objectives

  • An engineering student needs to have some basic mathematical tools and techniques which emphasize the developments of rigorous logical thinking & analytical thinking.
  • The course is aimed at developing the basic mathematical skills of engineering students that are imperative for effective understanding of  engineering subjects.

Programme Outcomes

  • Our graduate will contribute to industry, society and government.
  • Our graduate may go for higher education.
Details Numbers
Faculty Rooms 2 Rooms
Lecture Rooms 7
Departmental Libraray External
Laboratories 1
Personal Computers/laptops 01
Printers 01

Name Designation Qualification Research area
Dr. Shalini Sharma Assistant Professor M.Sc, Ph.D, PGDCP Fluid Dynamics & Cryptography
Dr. Alok Kumar Assistant Professor M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D Operation Research
Dr. Sadhana Golash Assistant Professor M.Sc, Ph.D Operation Research
Mr. Atul Saxena Assistant Professor M.Sc, M.Phil