• Institute has been selected for Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP – III) of MHRD, Government of India. The MHRD has funded a grant of Rs. 10 crores for strengthening the infrastructure, teaching & learning resources in the institute.
  • Institute is providing voluntary services in the various activities of the university and affiliated colleges like: –
  1. Design and support of software for online document verification of the university.
  2. Online generation of Teacher’s code for various work of examination.
  3. Random generation of Panel of examiners for Practical Examination
  4. Online payment gateway facility for depositing various fees to the University.
  • Registration of faculties & all students are done on SWAYAM portal by MHRD & AICTE for live classes.
  • In Research and Development field we have got net access to good and reputed journals

Delegation of “Tempe Sister Cities” from Arizona

Ms. Angela Thornton (Second Vice President, Tempe Sister Cities Organization) with her group in a delegation from Arizona visited IET on 13 June 2017 for Student         exchange, educator exchange, and professional exchange programs that help to promote international good will, global culture, and humanitarian works program aligned with the City of Tempe, Arizona and Sister Cities International.

  • Research Papers by faculties:Following research papers have been published in good and reputed journals (Springer and Elsevier):
    1. Multilayer feed forward neural networks for non-linear continuous bidirectional associative memory

    Manu Pratap Singh & V K Saraswat

    Journal of Applied Soft Computing, Journal of ELSEVIER (Science Direct), 61 (2017), 700-713, Impact factor 2.100

    1. New Maximally Entangled States for Pattern Associations through Evolutionary Process in a Two-Qubit System.

    Manu Pratap Singh

    International Journal of Theoretical Physics, SPRINGER, 55 (12) (2017) 3269 – 3287, Impact factor 1.184, ISSN 0020-7718

    1. Classification of Pattern Representing Apples and Oranges in three-qubit system

    Manu Pratap Singh, Kishori Radhey, V. K. Saraswat & Sandeep Kumar

    Quantum Processing System, SPRINGER, 16 (1) (2017), Impact factor 1.840, ISSN 1570-0755 

    1. Simultaneous Classification of Oranges and Apples Using Grover’s and Ventura’ Algorithms in a Two-qubit System.

    Manu Pratap Singh, Kishori Radhey & Sandeep Kumar

    International Journal of Theoretical Physics, SPRINGER, 56 (6) (2017) 2521-2534, Impact factor 1.184, ISSN 0020-7718

Achievements by our faculties:

1.Manu Pratap Singh

a)Keynote Speaker in “The International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology (AIST2016)”, organized by world scientific in Shanghai, China from 15th July to 17th July, 2016.

b) Invited Expert lecture on the topic “Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks using MatLab” in the one week faculty development program on “Machine Learning Techniques & its Applications MLTA-2016”, organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering, I. T. S. Engineering College, Greater Noida, during January 04-08, 2016.

c) Invited talk on “Soft Computing Techniques of Multi objective optimization for pattern Recognition” in the 3rd National Conference on “Applications of Mathematics in Science, Technology and Management” (NCAMSTM-2016) organized by Department of Mathematics, Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology, Bareilly during 22nd – 23rd January 2016.

d) Invited as expert lecturer in Bangkok.

2. Shilpi Lavania has gone to submit paper in “Medi Cap University”, Indore.