Deepak Garg

First batch – everyone searching something – success, career, knowledge, happiness, friendship, love…the list goes on. Efforts were put to set the stage for upcoming batches. Be it Andrew’s ma’am class or Deepak Isaac sir lecture or outstation training trips or cultural fest or junior’s welcome or collecting photostate notes – everything has an imprint. A big thank you for all that IET gave. Wish a great success to coming batches!

Deepak Garg

Yamnish Nagpal

IET gave me very good memories and friends, I left my home and stay away at PG alone for the first time and got really good lessons which made me more confident.Best part was I got good support and care from my seniors with whom I uses to live and my classmates who are still my friends … Learning comes on our own and no institution can make u learn if u don’t desire to learn…
College life is always remembered and missed, I still miss my friends with whom v used to roam around in Sikandra, at sadarbazaar,
Lots and lots of memories just can’t jot that down.while writing this I’m getting nostalgic and remembering everything and people with whom I had spend quality time.
Best time of life …

Branch Manager
IndusInd Bank

Nitin Chandra

It was great time at IET. Starting from day 1 till the last day, a lot of struggle.. then winning over ..and celebrating! Interactive discussions and follow up sessions with faculties and among ourselves were quite cool and long lasting. There were less resources but still lot of enthusiasm to learn and excel. That enthusiasm, I believe, took all of us to a very well places.
Best of luck for coming batches!!

Associate Vice President
Royal Bank of Scotland

Harish Kumar

I pursued MCA from IET during 1994-97 batch. We were second batch of the MCA from IET hence things were still shaping up in terms of infrastructure, computer science faculty as well as teaching methods and standards. But one thing that was great about the institute that everyone was trying to make best use of whatever limited resources were at our disposal. Faculty was trying their best to impart best education to make students ready to take on challenges of the real world. As students we were trying our best to gain best out of faculty’s limited experience.

The hard-work that we put in during those 3 years was founding stone of our professional lives. We did not have the advantage of big institution tag but our knowledge and self-confidence were at par, if not more. We had to struggle initially to make our place but we could prove that talent , hard-work, self-confidence and willingness to learn new things are key ingredients of success.

The best part of our IBS life was the great bonding among students as well as amazing relationship with teachers which exists till date more than 2 decades after leaving the institute. I always cherish the time spent at IBS and the relationships of life-time that we forged with so many wonderful friends and teachers.

My best wishes to students, faculty and the institute for a bright future ahead!

Director of Product Development
Oracle Corporation


I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to study at this college and grow me as a perfect Mechanical Engineer. I also have seen rise of this college from scratches. When I got admission, there was no own building , classroom, Labs etc. But very soon my college became most reputed college of India. Now , I am Sr. Manager in one of the Maharatna company of India i.e. NTPC Ltd. I would like to give all credit of my success to the very talented faculty members of my college. Today I find myself surrounded by many IITians in my company and I find that knowledge and skills given by my college to me is not less than from any college. I feel very proud and lucky to be part of my college , specially as the first batch student. I am very proud to be flag bearer of my college. I wish and hope my college will continue to produce more super talented professionals for my country. Once again I would like to thanks my faculty members for guiding me throughout my career as a philosopher , guide and as a friend.


Sandeep Sharma

Time spent at I.E.T has given me the foundation for establishing in professional world. The guidance of great and learned professors has helped in making strong fundamentals in Electronics and Communications

Ericsson Global Services India

Nishit Singh

IET has been the first interaction for me as a College since i moved out of School. It helped me to understand and bridge the Gap between College and Industries . Unlimited technical learning has taken place in I.E.T during my tenure of 4 Years as a Student.

Co Founder
Nexion Pro